"The level of cooperation is estimated at 12 on a scale of 10. The contact is immediate."

"Katarzyna Czyżewska, in our opinion, deserves recognition, not only because of her professional approach, due care and diligence, but what we respect most, for keeping the highest ethical standards in her work and in the relations with clients."

"Our experience driven from the cooperation with the Firm entitles us to recommend the Firm as a solid partner who provides the services on permanently professional level."

"Krzysztof Czyżewski is great for good times and excellent for bad times and in creative industry you are always one step from disaster. So having him in my corner helps a lot. And let know people on the other side that I won’t be their prey."

"Employees from Czyżewscy law office are willing to help and always available, so we do not wait long for help. In addition, they have extensive knowledge of Polish healthcare in many aspects (tenders, reimbursement, financing)."

"We would like to emphasize that the services provided are based on the work of the entire team of lawyers, their sound substantive knowledge, excellent skills and commitment to the implementation of entrusted matters."

"Although we deal with a fairly narrow department of pharmacy, which is the production and distribution of radioactive products - we always receive opinions at a very high level."

"Krzysztof Czyzewski represents “us” in all business negotiations and the construction of all contracts with major TV stations and film distributors."

"Krzysztof has an outstanding knowledge of copyright law and always has an individual and highly professional approach, which guarantees that every contract and negotiation is carried through effectively."

"I'm convinced that they have contributed to the improvement of the relations between participants of the audiovisual market in Poland."

"I am happy with the service I receive as it gives me full comfort in running our business. All recommendations are reliable and backed up by thorough legal analyzes."

"Krzysztof Czyzewski – as for a lawyer - has a unique feature – instead of telling me “it can’t be done” or “it is prohibited” he looks for solutions, even for most difficult problems and quite often he finds them."

"Katarzyna Czyzewska is an expert in Polish law, she also fully understands her clients’ constraint and perspectives. We have been cooperating with her for many years and we know we can rely on her to find the most effective solution for her client’s interest."

"The Firm is devoted to their work and services provided. All activities are based on thorough analysis, are done on time and offered solutions are comprehensive and optimal to protect the interests of our Company."

"Krzysztof Czyzewski, with whom, we have cooperated for years, is always happy to assist, predicts future problems and give good recommendations."

"The lawyers from that law firm always aim to find solutions fitting to our needs, presenting client oriented support. The advices are practical, catching the major points of our concerns, not being too general or wordy."

"Especially Katarzyna has a wide knowledge not only of widely understood pharma law but the whole industry as such, what significantly improves the advices she gives."

"Lawyers know the industry, they train constantly, they know the latest changes and trends and related changes in the law."

"The company is more focused on clients needs and opportunities than other law firms."

"My company has worked with Krzysztof Czyżewski since we met. He is one of two best lawyers in Poland in his field."

"They help us to deal with production contracts, agreements with broadcasters and other needed to run our TV business. We have worked together since 2010."

"They have never disappointed me and we could have always relied on their professional advice."

"As an advertising agency we need an open-minded, creative and solution focused law partner with an above–the-average expertise in the intellectual property law, understanding of marketing and commercial business and able to make quality recommendations under time pressure. Krzysztof Czyżewski and his team are our solution for that matter."